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Domain Owner Certificate - how to get it?

Domain Owner Certificate - your certificate of domain registration with the provider, confirms the fact of registration of an individual or legal entity as the owner of a certain domain name. 

The certificate contains the name of the owner or the name of the organization, the date of entry into the registry, the certificate is signed and confirmed by our seal.

How to get a domain owner certificate? 

1. You apply for a certificate. You can make an application both when ordering a new domain and when you have an existing domain in our system

2. Сonfirm sending a scan copy to your e-mail. 

3. As a result, you will receive a certificate of registration for your domain. 

Do you want to get a certificate for a domain registered with another provider? 

We can only provide a certificate for domains in our system, but you can easily transfer your domain to our service and after the change of data we will accept your application and issue a certificate.

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