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What is privacy protection

Privacy Protection or domain privacy protection is a special service that is enabled in the domain name settings. After activating, the domain owner's data, including email, address, phone number, full name, is not available through the whois verification service. Privacy protection or Whois Protection is available for many popular domain zones.

The Privacy Protection service protects the domain owner from unwanted spam, which can go to both the mailbox and the phone. The data of the domain owner, if this service is not activated, is available to everyone on the Internet after checking the domain in the Whois service. If you buy Privacy Protection instead of the personal data of the domain owner, the information of the domain zone registrar and his contact details will be displayed.

Whois domain data protection is necessary for all sites, regardless of the project and its direction. To enable Privacy Protection, you need to contact the tech support of the company where the domain is registered.

Why do you need to provide truthful data for domain registration?

The owner of a domain is the one whose data is used when registering a domain name. If you provided fictitious data, you will always lose in disputes over the domain, for example, if you lose access to your account. To work with a domain, you must have access to the mail to which it is linked. Thus, be sure to check the access to your email before registering a domain name for this mail.

Domain contact Privacy Protection prevents domain theft, dangerous spam, and fraudulent gaining access to your account. Also, your competitors will not be able to get the confidential data of the owner of the domain, and you will be able to protect your legal rights to the domain, for example, if you lose access to your account.

Privacy Protection is activated in a couple of minutes. This service can also be disabled, for example, during a domain transfer (registrar change), this is a prerequisite. Privacy Protection can be reactivated with a new registrar and hide the site owner's data.

The Privacy Protection service is an increase in the website security and protection from hackers. Privacy Protection is required for the website, as well as an SSL certificate.

How does Whois Protection work?

All data of the domain owner will be hidden under the data of the domain registrar, so no one can send you a fraudulent email or find out your phone number for further actions. 

Often, scammers send a reminder letter to the domain's mailbox about payment and renewal of the domain. After clicking on the links from the letter, the site owner goes to the registrar's fake website and makes a payment to the scammer's account. Of course, in this case, the domain is not renewed, and the funds will be lost.

How do I enable or disable Whois data protection?

To do this, you need to write to the technical support of your registrar or use the available settings in your control panel, if it is available. After hiding the data, you still remain the owner of the domain, because the data in the domain profile does not change, it is only hidden from others.

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