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Perl hosting

Perl - multi-level dynamic programming language. Perl hosting is available on all our plans. It is easy to start to work with Perl under cPanel. Use this path - section "Software", "Perl Modules". These modules will help you with project development. If you have any questions feel free to contact HyperHost technical support team

You can use Perl in many cases, setting up mailings or filtering messages. This language gives you a lot of options to work with text, some of them are implemented in regular expressions. Perl has a huge amount of additional modules. The syntax of this language is very similar to other languages, C, Awk, Sed, and Shell

Our virtual and unlimited hosting plans are perfect for Perl projects. We have a user-friendly control panel. It simplifies work with hosting and you get all the necessary functions for easy work with your site. For example, FTP / SSH access, automatic CMS installation, regular automatic backups, free SSL and much more.

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