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What is a CDN

What is a CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a service that increases the download speed of website files. This is possible due to a complex of servers that are located remotely from each other in different parts of the world.

The content distribution network is used to increase the download speed of content. CDN is a whole system of additional information transmission and storage nodes. Sites with CDN service work faster.

CDN servers are located in different countries. The distribution is carried out according to the principle of the closest geographical location of the server to the user. Therefore, the traffic passes the minimum route and due to this, the connection speed increases. With CDN, the delivery of the static content of the website to the user is carried out instantly.

Why do websites use CDN?

Content Delivery Network is used to increase the speed of the website. This is especially important if the site has a lot of multimedia content, for example, photos, and videos. With CDN, the load on the main server is reduced, which increases the reliability and performance of the server.

The service has many areas of work, so it is used by sites from different areas around the world. Also, to speeding up content loading, it provides basic DDoS protection, a free SSL certificate, and others.

HyperHost offers a CDN service from the world-famous company Cloudflare. If you realize the need to connect the service to your website, then be sure that the increase in the speed of the project will be positively assessed not only by your users but also by search engines. They also take into account the fast website work.

Benefits of a CDN service

A CDN offers many benefits for websites:

  • increasing the speed of the site, which is especially important if project is used for an international audience and has a large amount of static content;

  • reducing the load on the main server where the site is located. The load on the site is distributed to several servers at once, so the load on the main server from which the site is running is reduced.

  • controlling during peak server loads.

  • receiving extra services, such as protection against attacks, a free SSL certificate, clearing the cache, analyzing consumption statistics, and others.

  • increasing the loyalty of site visitors and search engines. Users do not like to wait for a site to load for a long time, and search engines rank fast sites higher.

  • stable and fast data delivery for users, regardless of their location. This provides a whole network of extra servers in different countries.

  • privacy. Whois services will show general information about Cloudflare, and not the domain name registrar or its hosting provider.

With the CDN, you will receive all the benefits of the caching service, especially if your project is multifunctional, with a large amount of content and visitors from around the world.

Does your site need a CDN?

Content Delivery Network is good for all sites, but firstly it should be connected for the following types of sites:

  • live-streaming sites;

  • game projects;

  • websites of payment systems, banks;

  • online stores with many items;

  • multinational sites, whose visitors are from different countries of the world;

  • sites with a lot of heavy content;

  • educational projects that provide online lessons;

  • video and photo hosting;

  • websites with a mobile app.

Recently, CDN service has become popular among simpler websites, such as blogs or forums.

How to buy and connect CDN from HyperHost

HyperHost provides a CDN service. You can buy a CDN on our website. You must enter a domain name for which the caching service will be activated. For some hosting plans, CDN service is provided for free.

You can order the service for a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, or 2 years. After activating the service, you will need to change the NS records to those that you will receive by mail. These will be the CDN NS records from CloudFlare. 

After updating the DNS, your site will be worked from this service. If you need to disable the CDN, then you need to change the NS to the records of your hosting provider. 

All settings on the CDN side will be done by technical support after your request in our ticket system.

After activation of CDN service, you will provide the site with faster content delivery for users and protection from traffic surges. It is very important for most sites on the network.

How much does a CDN cost?

The cost of CDN HyperHost is only $1 per month, also for some hosting plans, you can get CDN for free (Pro or Lifetime Comfort plan).

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