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Can I get the moneyback if I don`t like the service?

  1. We have 30-days money back guarantee for all new orders for the unused period (except the additional payment system charges) for all shared hosting, unlimited hosting reseller, and VPS/VDS services.
  2. If you use Webmoney payment system, the money will be returned to the same wallet.
  3. If you have made a payment using the Bank service you can get a moneyback on your Privatbank card, using Privat money, or any others system.
  4. For companies, if you`ll need a moneyback you should create a request and send it by post to our post box. The moneyback can be done for 10 days.
  5. The money back provides without bonuses and discounts.
  6. If you go against our hosting terms of services we`ll not provide a money back. We don`t provide a money back if you place software that can cause the damages in server operation, spam sending and if you provide fake personal details. Also, we don`t provide money back for dedicated servers and for all additional services (DDOS protection, SSL-certificates, CDN, additional IP, VPN, registration or prolongation of a domain, licenses on a control panel, tech work and administration, Microsoft Licenses) due to tech specifications of such services.
  7. The situation when the IP address is blocked by a specific Internet provider or a group of the regional Internet providers is not a reason for the refund. This situation does not affect the completeness of the providing of the service.
  8. Due to the non-stable Bitcoin exchange rate, we do not return money to this payment system and other cryptocurrencies
  9. We do not do a moneyback from account balance due to tech reason, as the balance funds may include bonuses, compensations, gifts. Due to this reason, credit funds cannot be refunded, the note was shown in the process of adding funds.
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