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What is FTP?

FTP is a protocol for file transferring in the computer network. FTP allows to connect with FTP servers, to look download catalog and download files from server to server. You can get FTP access on all our plans of web-hosting.

 What is an ftp account? This is an account that gives access to the server to download and upload sites. FTP accounts are provided for all users of shared hosting, as well as virtual servers (on request). You can create additional ftp accounts directly in the hosting control panel in a special section.

What is FTP?

The FTP data transfer protocol is used to download and upload files from a remote server. Using FTP, you can connect to an FTP server and transfer data between computers. This transfer method is most often used on shared hosting. You can also work with VPS servers using FTP, although it is preferable to use SSH access for this type of service. FTPS or SFTP protocols are used for a secure FTP connection.

What is FTP? A protocol also used to view information on a remote server using an internet connection. To work via FTP you can use special programs: FileZilla, Far Manager, Total Commander, WinSCP, FireFTP, Cyberduck.

FTP protocol is the possibility of information exchange and data transfer on the model "client - server". It uses network connections to organize file transfers between host and client.

One of the main advantages of the FTP protocol is its multiple connections, which allow users to connect without interaction or conflict. The second is the ability to resume data transfer after a connection is lost, as well as scheduling data transfer.

The main disadvantage is the problems with the security of data transmission, which is transmitted in unencrypted form. In the event of an attack, your data can be intercepted and used by a third party.

By default, the FTP protocol is not protected from password guessing and hackers' login attempts, so there is a high probability of hacking with the help of password brute force.

FTP protocol modes

There are two modes of protocol operation: active and passive.

During the active mode, an IP is sent with the port number where data will be received. After receiving the data, a connection is made with the node and the data is transmitted. During passive mode, an incoming connection is not possible, so use the PASV command and the server address/port number. This method is relevant when the client has firewall protection.

What is an FTP server?

In addition to the FTP protocol, there is also the definition of an FTP server. This is a server that works using the FTP protocol and provides data transfer. You can work with the FTP server using special programs, for example, FileZilla or Total Commander are most often used.

To connect to the server, you will need the following data: server address, connection name, and type, username, and password.

FTP server provides:

  • access to files by username and password;

  • data transfer quality;

  • viewing files and folders for further download;

  • setting up a connection in passive mode.

Using the FTP server, you can upload site files to the hosting server for further work. For a more secure data transfer, it is recommended to install a VPN or use an encrypted FTP - SFTP protocol.

FTP Hosting
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