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NodeJS hosting

NodeJS is a popular technology. It is used for apps and programs run on Linux, OS X, and Windows. NodeJS framework is available on all cPanel hosting plans in the Netherlands(except tariffs Mini). Also, you can set it up on any VPS/VDS, dedicated server or you can always contact our technical support and we will help you to install it. 

Node.js turns JavaScript from a narrowly-focused into a general-purpose programming language. It runs on a different OS and usually used for open source projects which work on a server side. NodeJS is recommended for full-stack developers. It's hard to use NodeJS for beginners due to the huge amount of functions. HyperHost technical support will help to install Node on our hosting or VPS server. All you need is to open a ticket from your client area and describe your issue. 

NodeJS hosting suits for: 

- the backend of your application; 

- real-time applications  - chats, games, etc.; 

- blogs, social networks, content management systems; 

- special utilities and everything that requires intensive processor work. 

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