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Do you do a backup on hosting, VPS? How often do you do a backup?

Backups - a service archive (copy of a virtual disk), stored on a separate backup server and available for deployment even after the service is stopped and removed from the working server.

We back up the main hosting services. Conditions for making, storing, and deploying copies vary by service.

Shared hosting

Backups for shared hosting are made daily.

The service will be suspended on the day of non-payment and stored for 60 days until deletion.

To restore virtual hosting, you need to pay all invoices for the service.

Virtual VPS

For VPS, VDS, Windows VDS we have 3 types of backup:

Basic weekly (1 time per week) - Free

Full weekly (5 copies) - Paid backup

Full daily (5 copies) - Paid backup

Copy Cycle:

- After 7 days from the day the service was stopped for non-payment, the service is deleted from the working server, and the last copy is archived on the backup server;

- The archive of the service is stored for up to 60 days;

- You can restore the service from the archive, open a request to the sales department.

- To restore the service from the archive, you must pay for the downtime of the service.

- Restoring archive service is free for servers with Full weekly or Full daily backup. In other cases - it is necessary to pay the minimum amount of payment for technical work (write to the sales department).

This procedure is equally suitable for deploying a backup on a previously deleted service, as well as in the case of issuing a copy of the service for third-party use.

Backup copies of the service with an ordered additional disk (above the tariff scale) are formed according to the distinctive conditions and rules.

Why is the copy storage period charged at the cost of the service?

Keeping copies of all services is a complex process. The entire life cycle of backups of the service is paid for so that you can always get an up-to-date backup.

Why is restoring from the archive a paid service?

Unfortunately, automatic backup deployment systems cannot provide guaranteed work. Each backup deployment is the work of support specialists.

Free backup is available with the purchase of add-ons to the product "Full Backup"

Can I restore an IP address?

Each virtual server has a unique dedicated IP, it is issued from the general list when the server is created and returned there after the service is deleted. We cannot guarantee that IP will remain free during the service downtime. For more information, please contact the sales department.

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